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What it takes to organize a World Championship

– a short talk with Coen Buijsse

ICEHORSEmedia caught the busy Cohen Buijsse (organizer at the WC in Oirschot), for a brief talk about how it is to arrange as big a setup as a World Championship.

Indeed, it is a fantastic setup at the World Championship in Oirschot. One of the reasons why the set in Oirschot is as good as it is, is because of Cohen Buijsse and his fantastic team of volunteers. Cohen Buijsse has used countless of working hours, to get the World Championship running as smooth as it is.

One of the secrets to a successful championship is that you have to start up in right time, which means minimum one and half years before the event, Cohen tells. The team focused on being ready on time before the first guests arrived in Oirschot. We know from the Danish team, who had a rider arriving as one of the first person’s onsite, Thursday afternoon, that everything was prepared.

All preparations has been done to give the audience the best experience as possible.

In addition to that, the preparation for bad weather-conditions are crucial. An important key factor is as well to give volunteers ownership for their tasks. This means that every helping hand feels just as proud as the organizers about making the event a success. Another important criterion is to put the right person to the right job, Cohen tells. We are at ICEHORSEmedia looking very much forward to the rest of the World Championship, and hoping for as good weather forecasts as it has been so far.

Fun facts about the WC in Oirschot:

  • 850 steel plades, 750 kg each. Only 22 could be transported at a time,
  • that there are set 10.000 sqm wooden floor in place in the market area,
  • that there are placed 3 km fences around the area,
  • that there are used 1 km og lightning bulbs,
  • that there are set up 3 x 60 square foot screens,
  • that there are around 550 volunteers giving a hand,
  • that there are 10.000 seats.

Picture: ICEHORSEmedia

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