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Hvad laver en Ring steward?

Interview with Fi Pugh, FEIF international sport judge from Great Britain and Hanne Bjerre, national judge from Denmark.

Both ladies have been sports judges for several years and now they meet again at the WC 2017 in Oirschot to provide voluntary work as Ring stewards.

What are the tasks of a Ring steward?

Fi and Hanne explain that basically a Ring steward is a kind of judge and supports the head judges. The major tasks would be the inspection of horses/riders to ensure they are using the equipment that they are allowed to use and the welfare of the horses, to see if there are wounds and injuries. Also the training facilities and stabling areas are checked by the Ring Stewards. Most times everything is going well and the horses are taken good care of. Sometimes it can happen that they notice a horse stands in with en empty bucket of water and then they ask the stable helper to take care of that.

Why walking around for hours to check up on everything?

Both Hanne and Fi agree immediately on that the primary motivation for volunteering are the people, the community and the good mood inside their team. They have been working voluntarily before at other World championships for icelandic horses and enjoy the reunion with their friends that they have made at these events. Especially for Fi it is means lots of joy as the icelandic horse community in Britain is very small. She shares with us, that she loves to get off to other countries and meet to judge at sport competitions.

She remembers that she once got to talk with some members of a club in Northern Jutland in Denmark, where she was explained that they would be a small club in Denmark with 500 members only. Fi´s eyes open wide as she says: ”500 people! We have maybe 250 people with interest in the icelandic horse in whole Great Britain!” She laughs and continues: ”Also we live quite far apart from each other, so travelling to smaller meetings, clinics, competitions, aso. would often take 5-6 hours.” That is why Fi really enjoys to be a judge as she loves to catch up and be active as a sport judge outside Britain.

I am sometimes much faster to Denmark or other countries by plane than travelling within my home country as we are so spread from each other.

Happy for the World Championship in Holland

Hanne og Fi give very positive feedback on the world Championships in Holland as it is so well organized for everybody. Especially that there is taken care of all possible weather conditions is really making a difference, there is good food, nice camping facilities and the horses also do have very good facilities. Everything is thought through thorougly and executed so well.

ICEHORSEmedia only can add that we also agree on that part being taken care of very well in our press area with extraordinary kind and supportive team of the dutch organisators. We hope to meet Fi more often at future sport events.

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